Stay on Track!

Published May 12, 2021

The end of the school year is coming up fast and between the excitement of summer and the warmer weather it may be very tempting to drift a bit from the rigors of academics. As the big date of June 4th approaches, here are a few ideas for keeping your kids on track as well as a tip for keeping the momentum going during the summer break.

Rest Up 

Are you finding that the days get longer and the bedtime slowly creeps later and later? Good sleep habits are crucial to attaining focus in the classroom and that starts with a reasonable bedtime. It may take some reminding and facilitating on your part but sticking with the normal routine will make the mornings so much easier. If your kids need extra incentive to get to bed early, try picking a time for bed and if they are in bed by the chosen time reward that with 30 minutes of under the covers reading. This is a great strategy for ending the bedtime battles and contributing to a lifetime love of reading.

Eat Well

Nutritionally balanced meals and regular mealtimes play an important part in being able finish out the school year strong. Take advantage of the fresh fruits and veggies that emerge in the coming weeks and add them to your meal planning. A healthy after school snack adds fuel to a homework session.

Don’t forget the Homework

Speaking of homework and studying…those tests and assignments will just keep on rolling as the school year comes to a close with or without the Spring Fever so it’s best to encourage your kids to settle in and see the year out. Learning how to finish strong will be a lesson that will serve your kids well no matter what the task in the future.

Start a Countdown

Visuals are important for motivation and make getting through the end of the year fun. Creating a countdown and placing in a prominent place is a great way to mark the days and easily grasp the progress. Plan a special end of the year activity or dinner to celebrate the last day of school and the first day of summer.

After working so hard all school year it will be wonderful for everyone to take a much needed break! Keeping those school skills strong during the interim is easy by making sure your kids have lots of time for reading. No matter what your child’s age, reading is one of the strongest ways to improve academic excellence. Mixing up the selection of books between nonfiction and fiction will help keep book time engaging and stimulating.

Staying on track will pay great dividends when the end of semester report card arrives. Best wishes, everyone!