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Not Just a Job, But a Home

Published May 6, 2024

How USI Helps Teachers Thrive

Teaching is one of the hardest jobs there is. Because a teacher is never just a teacher—you’re an expert, a role model, a guide. A pillar of the community. Wearing so many hats means you need a whole lot of support along the way. We’re proud to offer that support right here at United Schools of Indianapolis, a place where every teacher can grow, thrive, and truly make an impact. Here’s why so many teachers are finding a happy home at USI.     

The administration has your back.

Our teachers are the backbone of this school system, and you have the full support of the administration every step of the way. It all starts with a healthy dialogue, where we sit down, ask for input, and actually listen. Then we get to work creating an environment that helps you do your job. In order to do the best for our students, families, and community, everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction. USI’s administration knows that. And it shows.    

We give you the nuts and bolts.

At USI, you’re never starting from scratch, because we provide you with a rigorous curriculum that’s already been proven and tested. This allows you to really hit the ground running. You’re also provided with the latest classroom technology. And your students are, too. This supercharges your classroom and puts a world of productivity at your fingertips.                

You have lots of opportunities for professional development.

We’ve created an environment where teachers can grow, both personally and professionally, and we give you the time during the school day to achieve your goals. You can advance your career as a mentor teacher, USI Rising Leader, or instructional coach. Whether you’re interested in taking others under your wing or gaining leadership experience, USI can help make it happen.

We offer competitive salaries and benefits.

You already love teaching because it’s important, rewarding, and challenging. But let’s address the elephant in the room. You have a life outside of work, and you’re chasing your own financial goals. At USI, we’re proud to offer competitive pay and benefits, and our total compensation package is among the best in the market. We do that to compete for the best talent, give students the best education, and give back to the teachers who give us all so much.   

You have access to additional earning opportunities.

On top of our competitive pay, we offer teachers several more ways to earn. Many USI teachers enhance their salary by tutoring, coaching, or supervising clubs. That way, you can better your own financial future, while bettering the students, the school, and the community. We’ve created a system where everyone’s interests are completely aligned.        

We reimburse you for classroom materials. 

According to the National Education Association, on average, teachers spend $500-$750 of their own money on classroom materials each year—and many spend much more than that. At USI, we strongly believe no teacher should have to subsidize a student’s education with their own money. So, if you do purchase supplies for your classroom, we pay you back. 

You can earn significant merit-based bonuses.

We already have a sizable bonus pool that we’ve been distributing to our top performers at the end of each school year. But just this year, an incredibly generous, anonymous donor gave us a whopping $12.5 million to add to that bonus pool over the next 25 years. This means our total funding for performance-based bonuses comes to $650,000 per year! The average award is around $15,000, while some are as high as $40,000. We’re so proud to be able to offer this game-changing support to our incredible, hard-working teachers. Read more about the gift from the VITAL 2023 Charitable Lead Annuity Trust here.

You have opportunities for community engagement.

USI has intentionally positioned our schools in some of the most underserved communities in Indianapolis, because we know that every child—no matter their background—deserves the best education. With that in mind, we involve parents in their kids’ education and actively engage in our local communities. There are always opportunities for teachers to make a difference, both inside and outside of the school. 

Teachers are miracle workers, but they can’t do it alone. At USI we strive to give our teachers the support, resources, and community to thrive. If you’re looking for your next opportunity in teaching, visit the link below. We’d love to have you as part of our family!

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