Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, AMMS will announce delays or closures when deemed necessary by the school director or her designee. Information regarding school closings or delays will be sent directly to all families via the Connect Ed communication phone and e-mail service, and will also be announced by local radio and television, and posted on the AMMS website.

Download our Inclement Weather Procedure.

What can the school do to respond to hazardous weather conditions?

  • Close the school under extreme conditions.
  • Delay the opening of the schools by two hours:
    • Start time – 10:00 a.m.
  • Dismiss school early under carefully monitored conditions.

How will families learn about these decisions?

Please do not call the TV stations or the schools while waiting for an announcement; calls will only tie up telephone lines and delay the announcement from reaching the media. The media will not announce that school is open (only if it is delayed or closed).

Will the YMCA provide Before and/or After Care?

  • If AMMS is on a two-hour delay, the YMCA will open at 6:30- its regularly scheduled time – for students enrolled in Y-care.
  • If school is canceled or students dismissed early, there will not be any YMCA programming.

What are parent responsibilities in “Snow Day” situations?

  • When school is closed or delayed, parents should make arrangements for child care or supervision.
  • In some cases, a school delay may be extended to a school closing if conditions worsen. Under these extreme circumstances, you will be contacted through our school-to-parent outreach tool (Parent Alert).
  • In rare instances of extreme weather, students may be dismissed from school early. Early dismissal announcements will be made via our school-to-parent outreach tool (Parent Alert), as early as possible, as well as over the radio/TV stations.

Of course, parents always have the responsibility to decide if conditions are safe for their children. Decisions about whether to keep the school open, have a two-hour delay, or close school is made based on the conditions of the majority of streets and roads and may not reflect specific conditions at a particular residence.

What happens when parents decide to keep children home during certain weather conditions?

  • If school is open and a student stays home during days of bad weather (even with parent permission), the student must be recorded as absent in order to comply with state attendance guidelines.

Do snow days need to be made up?

  • AMMS schedules 183 school days per year. We have two built-in flex days (February 18th and March 29th) that may be used as make up days.