“Get to Class!” Why High Attendance Matters

Published September 1, 2022

Welcome back! It’s September, and that means your kids are officially back in school. But are they back in school consistently? The Department of Education states that 1 out of every 6 kids is chronically absent. So, in honor of Attendance Awareness Month, let’s take a moment to focus on the importance of classroom attendance.

The Importance of High Attendance

Your kids will likely miss a day of school here and there because of illness, vacations, or other important family matters. But when they miss 15 days or more, that’s known as “chronic absenteeism,” and it can have a devastating impact on their future. Here’s the good news, though: showing up for school consistently can really set your kids up for success. Below are just a few ways that high attendance rates help students win big.

How Parents Can Help Improve Their Kids’ Attendance

As you can see, high attendance can lead to a lot of great outcomes both now and in your child’s future. And as a parent, there’s plenty you can do to help their attendance:

  • Communicate Transportation Issues

    Let’s say your child can’t physically make it into school each day. Maybe they have a chronic illness. Or maybe they don’t have safe transportation to and from the building. Your school might be able to help with that. Whether it’s through remote learning, extra help, or community programs, they might have resources for your exact situation. But you never know until you ask. So, be sure to communicate any extenuating circumstances.

  • Help Identify and Communicate Special Needs

    No one knows your child better than you do. If your kids have special needs—like autism spectrum disorder or dyslexia—be sure to communicate those needs to your school. And if you aren’t sure, but think your child needs to be evaluated, communicate that need as well. The administration might have access to the specialized help your child needs, or be able to get them one step closer.

  • Help Manage Behavioral Issues

    When a student is getting kicked out of class, suspended, or skipping school altogether, that obviously deals quite a blow to their attendance record. But there’s usually more to the story. Maybe they have a behavioral issue that can easily be treated. Or maybe they’re dealing with something serious that they aren’t sure how to share. Try to communicate with your child, engage, and see if there’s an underlying issue that you can help resolve. And if you’re in over your head, talk to the school, as they might have a team of professionals who can step in. There’s always a solution as long as you know the problem.

Attendance Awareness Month is the perfect time to really emphasize the importance of classroom attendance. High attendance has been linked to better test scores, better outcomes in adult life, and it might even get them the personal help they need. When you help get your kids to class, you help them get ahead.