School Supplies

Make sure your child is well equipped for classes! We’ve provided the supplies list here for your convenience and the list can also be downloaded using the button at the bottom.


  • 3” Binder x 1
  • Kleenex x 6 boxes
  • Hand Sanitizer x 1 Bottle
  • Loose Leaf Paper x 2 packs
  • Durable Earbuds x 1 set
  • 12 Count Markers x 1 box
  • Highlighters x 1 pack
  • Dry Erase Markers x 1 pack
  • Blue or Black Pens x 60 * (No glitter pens)
  • Pen Pouch x 1 (Must fit in 3-Ring Binder)
  • Scissors x 1 pair
  • Composition Notebooks x 2
  • Basic Handheld Calculator x 1
  • Post it Notes x 1 pack
  • Supply Box x 1
  • Cloth Masks x 2 ** (must be a solid color)

*Pencils will not be permitted this year to eliminate the need to share sharpeners and/or pencil lead.

**All students will be required to wear masks at times and in designated places in our building.

Due to COVID-19, community sharing of supplies will not be allowed. It is critical that every scholar is prepared with the necessary school supplies at the start of the school year and has his/her supplies with him/her at school daily. If you need assistance obtaining school supplies, please contact Ms. Jacqui, Office Manager, at

Summer Academic Enrichment 2020 – 2021

The summer academic enrichment reading and math assignments are designed to prepare scholars for the work that lies ahead at the next grade level. It is imperative that scholars complete the assigned reading and math packet by Friday, August 7th, at which time the packets will be graded and used as one of your scholars first grades for the 2020-21 academic year. All scholars, home learning and in-person, will be responsible for completing the summer enrichment assignments. In-person scholars will be required to turn in the packets to their homeroom teacher and home learning scholars are expected to drop off their packets to the main office in the dropbox or to Ms. Jacqui.

The math and reading assignments are included in this mailing and should be completed in their entirety. Scholars are to complete both packets by Friday, August 7th. If you have any questions about the packets, please reach out to Ms. Jacqui, Office Manager, at