Special Education Acronyms

Below is a list of our Special Education Acronyms we use regularly at AMMS:


Individualized Education Program: once a child is considered eligible for an IEP, this legal document will outline needs, services, accommodations, etc.


Case Conference Committee (teachers, administrators, parents, and anyone parents would like to have attend


Annual Case Review (CCC meets at least once per year to update the IEP


Response to Intervention (Process of identifying students who are struggling, determining goals and interventions, and monitoring progress towards those goals; this is often part of the process for determining students who may be eligible for special education services


A 504 plan allows students with an identified disability to receive accommodations but not necessarily services.


Strategic Teaching and Evaluation of Progress (Reading assessment that tests fluency, accuracy, spelling, and comprehension to determine a student’s reading level


Reading A-Z (Leveled reading program that tests reading accuracy and comprehension to determine a student’s reading level)


words per minute

Aimsweb TEN

Aimsweb Test of Early Numeracy (oral counting, number identification, quantity discrimination, and missing numbers)

Aimsweb M-CAP

Aimsweb Math Concepts and Applications probe (includes various math concepts including computation, data, measurement, geometry, problems solving, etc.

Aimsweb M-COMP

Aimsweb Math Computation probe (strictly tests computation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)