Who We Are

The Avondale Meadows Middle School (AMMS) is a tuition-free, grades 6 – 8 public charter school. Our community includes a diverse collection of families, educators and volunteers committed to equipping our students with the strongest possible preparation for success in Indianapolis’s most demanding, college-preparatory high schools.

AMMS employs a rigorous and engaging curriculum aligned to Indiana state standards as well as the Core Knowledge scope and sequence of learning topics. Our teachers use a wide breadth of effective instructional strategies, innovative tools and technology and a variety of services to challenge and support students to meet ambitious academic goals. We find creative, engaging ways to involve parents in our work, helping students build not only the academic skills but also habits of curiosity, kindness, focus and persistence traits that are essential to achievement of college aspirations and life success.

Finally, AMMS benefits greatly from the continued support, collective knowledge and resources  of a broad array of local leaders committed to “Making Magic in the Meadows,” the neighborhood we are working to transform through the power of great schools.


As a school community, we work with students using a set of core values that complement our school rules and help reinforce the habits and behaviors we are developing in each student. The three core values are character, service, and scholarship.  Listed below is brief description of each core value.   

  • Character – The ongoing process of personal refinement in an effort to become the best that we can be.
  • Service – The art of demonstrating unselfish purpose driven acts for the benefit of building community.
  • Scholarship – An intense focus on academic achievement at a very high level.

As part of our interest in developing students’ character alongside their academics, AMMS teachers, with consultation from others who work with each child, will evaluate students on the ways in which they are demonstrating these skills and work habits throughout the year.


  • Provide an engaging and rigorous learning experience
  • Create a values based culture of excellence
  • Offer a world class customer experience for our families and guest
  • Make meaningful contributions of time, talents, & treasure within our community


The mission of Avondale Meadows Middle School is to provide a rigorous and relevant college-preparatory program, grounded in our belief that every child can succeed at high levels.  With an understanding of the strengths each student has, we reinforce that every individual has a part in our family’s success.  United, our students will consistently meet and exceed academic standards.


The eagle is a symbol of courage, strength, dignity, and truth. At AMMS we are committed to supporting our students to live out the Eagle Code of Conduct. The Eagle Code of Conduct is designed to mold, fashion, and develop the character of our students so that they are ready to take flight and ascend to new heights in any endeavor of their lives.


Every Eagle Will:

  • Make eye contact when engaged in dialogue or discussion.
  • Will not brag when winning or show anger when losing.
  • Ask a question in return when asked a question in conversation.
  • Cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing and say excuse me.
  • Will not ask for a reward.
  • Be as organized as possible.
  • Stand up for what they believe in.
  • Be positive and enjoy life.
  • Live so that they will never have regrets.
  • Learn from their mistakes and move on.
  • Always be honest, no matter the circumstance.
  • Be the best person that they can be.


Every Eagle Will:

  • Congratulate a classmate when appropriate.
  • Respect other students’ comments, opinions and ideas.
  • Show respect with gestures.
  • Avoid staring at a student who is being reprimanded.


Every Eagle Will:

  • Use yes ma’am or yes sir when responding to adults.
  • Always say thank you when given something.
  • Appreciate the gift and the giver, when given something.
  • Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness.
  • Know other teachers’ names and greet them in the hall by name.
  • Greet visitors and make them feel welcome.
  • Shake hands and repeat their names, when meeting new people.
  • Take only their fair share.
  • Hold the door for people rather than letting it close on them.
  • Say excuse me, when someone bumps into you, even if it was not your fault.


Each day, our students and staff will recite the AMMS Student Creed. It is a reminder and a promise to each other as to the ways in which we must act and treat every member of our team if we are to be the school we strive to be. Our student creed is as follows:

As a member of the Avondale Meadows family,
It is my daily duty to soar to new heights.
When I learn, I am in a better position to teach.
I will share the knowledge I gain with those around me.
When I share, our family unit becomes strong.
Strong families serve strong communities.
Here at Avondale Meadows Middle School, we learn together,
We grow together, we win(conquer) together.